Our Approach for Pain Free Living

Restoring postural balance or neutrality, addressing misalignments is a main focus of care at DuPage Physical Therapy. Optimal alignment from a balanced muscular system means muscles are in a position of rest, and are also positioned to strengthen more efficiently and properly stabilize joints. We recognize the interconnected relationships from top to bottom on each individual person and aim to restore postural balance of the entire system. This approach is unique to our office in that we often address the compensatory postures and imbalances contributing to pathology. Our Physical Therapists may address the root of the problem which can be away from the location of pain or injury. Much like peeling away at an onion, the Physical Therapists at DuPage Physical Therapy are experienced, and are trained to look deeper at underlying factors contributing to pathology. Our goal is to reactivate inhibited chains of muscles with the aim to eliminate unwanted tension from the dominant ones. This allows the body to relax, acquire neutrality, restore function, and relieve symptoms and overuse tendencies. This proper alignment provides a muscularly balanced system thereby preventing injury and faulty movement patterns. For many of our patients, this approach is preventative and considered a precursor to fitness classes, weight lifting, Pilates, as well as speed and agility training.

Collaborative Care

At DuPage Physical Therapy, we recognize physical therapy is one part of achieving maximum functional performance and pain relief in solving the patient’s puzzle. We strongly believe in communication with the referring physician and the integration of our services with other professionals including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritionists, podiatry, physiatrists, dentistry, optometry, pain management, and other health care professionals in order for patient’s to achieve their desired results.