Postural Restoration

In 2012, Dupage Physical Therapy proudly became one of 120 certified Postural Restoration Centers.

Postural Restoration (PRI) is a method of total body treatment that eliminates unwanted muscle tension and promotes a balance neuromuscular system. Treatment is aimed at addressing the normal asymmetrical organization and patterning of the body. This approach is based on the life’s work of Ron Hruska, MPA, PT and founder of the Postural Restoration Institute. The clinical staff is trained in this transformative approach by correcting the influence of these patterns on pain, tension, and mal-alignment. A combined approach of manual therapy techniques, specific exercises, and breathing is used to bring about rapid pain relief, core stability, and neutral positioning of multiple areas of the body. Exercises must be performed frequently in the early stages to bring about the muscle memory changes necessary to support a more balanced neuromuscular system.

Knowledge and expertise in the extraordinary work of the Postural Restoration Institute is the gift we have given ourselves as practitioners and is the gift we give to our patients or clients daily as we incorporate this training in many aspects of Physical Therapy and wellness care.

Postural Restoration Foot Orthotics

Orthotics can be very helpful for people whose various foot types need guidance to achieve efficient walking or running. The position of the foot as it reacts to the ground has a known influence on bony position, ligamentous integrity, and muscle adaptation. Abnormal adaptive patterns elsewhere in the body are often triggered by the aberrant position, muscle inactivity, and lack of support and sensory awareness at the foot and ankle. PRI orthotics assists the patient in offsetting these tendencies. The orthotic is fabricated to compliment the PRI program and is made by a podiatrist familiar with the PRI approach to patient care.