Anita D. Panagiotis

Anita co-founded Dupage Physical Therapy in 1996 and is the clinic director. Anita has worked a broad range of patient populations and has excelled in all areas of orthopedics. She uses an eclectic and holistic approach to patient care. Drawing from years of experience, higher-level education, and continuing education classes long before certification and initials became the popular trend, she can draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience for her patient’s needs.

Anita’s early interest was in neurological rehabilitation, but soon fell back to the sports and orthopedic world she was familiar with as a young athlete. Injuries of her own propelled her career in a different direction. Eventually her advanced educational pursuits lead her to the challenges of treating the complex spine patient. Because of her strong biomechanical background and understanding of interconnected relationships throughout the body, she has a particular knack for zeroing in on root causes, and brings this strength to patient care as she systematically tackles difficult cases. She has studied movement re-education and stability training from a variety of sources complimenting the detailed PNF training she received from Northwestern.

Being introduced years ago to the extraordinary work of the Postural Restoration Institute and its transformative benefits for patients brought about a paradigm shift in how Anita views her patient’s needs and dysfunction. Exercise training became even more specific as she viewed care through a new lens. This knowledge and total body approach often becomes the basis by which she manages her patient’s problems and the standard she uses to determine optimal alignment, stability and function.

Anita has a strong manual therapy background in myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilization, and others. She has pursued approaches from Paris, Mulligan, McKenzie, Upledger, and Grimsby along with a myriad of osteopathic coursework. She manages to integrate all these manual approaches when needed into her patient care management, and has the luxury of deciding which tools she can use that will best fit her patient’s need.

Anita recognizes being a Physical Therapist is a privilege and a real gift in her life. Good health and the drive to see patient’s gain control of their own health is what fuels her passion every day. She enjoys good music, the outdoors, being active, cooking, healthy food, and is a spectator of all sports. She and her husband Jim have 3 children; Sia, Noelle, and Zoe.


    • BS Biology, physiology major 1979; George Williams College
    • BS Physical Therapy 1979; Northwestern University
    • MS Physical Therapy 1987 orthopedics and biomechanics concentration; Massachusetts General Hospital, The Institute of Health Professions